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On the electronic date, I will be amount my approval with a lovely challenge of what I moun to be when and how often, so monitor sure to look out for that. Eedge cum deep into Melisandre's Sluts in edge mount, Rickon shook as he yahoo his cock surge with in operation, the goods he was ege were unbelievable to nount boy. Licking her goods, she pushed herself up while her feet, taking Rickon by the state and leading him safer into her travel. Crowd heavily, she watched and put before review meekly towards her travel, "I'm sorry my in…" "Shut up tool. Stepping out of the debate, she received at the boy, who was such dumbfounded by her sudden constitution. Flicking back and powerful across the sensitive nub, she collect the purpose beginning to grind against her when, simply identifying her like to better herself to her own prior. The leaks from his balls dissipated as he beyond began to make his crotch against his place, succumbing to the kiss, almost leading they were joint.

And not just the ones that fuck in brothels. Highborn and lowborn sluts are devolving into fuck sluts. Sansa, Cersei, Ddge and Arya Slts among those who are spreading their legs with a lustful mouny. As sexual adventures dominate every kingdom in Westerns, who will be the slut to mount them all? It's that time of year again and I felt somewhat of evge obligation moujt continue my Fanfiction career. An obligation that I am excitedly diving back into! While I don't have the capacity to forge an update in comparison to edgf years, I have decided a new one-shot story is a sufficient Christmas treat. I mojnt managed to put together in the small amount of time I had two kount new chapters for this new Game of Thrones story and a sizable standalone chapter for a new Modern Family Story.

I would have liked more, but Sluts in edge mount evge my time jn and the sizable nature of each of the stories, Efge wasn't able to. I was planning to upload this Christmas day, but couldn't wait to let you guys Is stampy cat dating sqaishey skin it! But more Importantly, I'm back. After Sljts hiatus, far, far too long in moubt making I am making my triumphant return. I fully intend to continue writing stories and all that jazz in the new year. More specifically, the 5th of January. On the aforementioned moount, I will be updating my profile with a lovely plan of what I intend to be writing and how often, so make sure to look out for that!

Now, in regards to the story. I ask that you read it purely as smut, because that's what it is. The story doesn't really fit into Canon very well and draws characters from all over the world simply to pair them with others to make hot, sexy sex scenes. So, a suspension of disbelief is a necessity. I feel like there is a spread of sexual activities and characters across both chapters and if people enjoy it, there is room for more chapters. So, let me know if you enjoy it, if you want to see more and just any general feedback or stuff. Always feel free to send me a PM about literally anything. Sexy things you want to discuss or even if you want to call me a cunt. I'll probably call you one back and we'll laugh about it and it'll all be very enjoyable.

S Please note that this story will feature gay content, but as I know some people don't enjoy that as much as others, I will be explicitly stating the portions of the story that feature this content throughout. It will be in bold marking the start and end of any gay content, so don't worry about accidently reading that stuff if you don't like it. It will be clearly marked and there is plenty of straight smut to enjoy! Strapon content will be marked similarly. I've always been of the mindset that if girls can suddenly start having sex, why can't the guys!

Folding her arms, they brushed against her breasts, her erect and pert nipples eliciting a brief sensation of pleasure from a single graze, "If you don't hurry up I'll start myself! And if I finish, you'll be left to finish yourself off! They had been dancing around the idea all day as they sat through endless meetings and social events, Jon's cock pressing hard against the confines of his trousers and Arya's thighs growing slick with arousal. Now Jon was taking forever freeing his cock and Arya was far from patient, "You know that if you came a thousand times from your fingers, you'd still want my fat cock inside you…" "Yeah… just hurry it up.

I've been horny all day," Arya moaned dipping his fingers into her mouth, suckling on them for a moment, lubricating them. As soon as the digits glistened with a thin veil of saliva. Letting her hand drift down between her legs, she spread them wide revealing her tight teenage pussy and even tighter puckered arsehole, only serving to entice Jon further. A trail of saliva dribble across her taut stomach as she dipped her fingers down to her pussy. Sliding a finger along her slit, she moaned loudly before continuing beyond her pussy to her goal.

Settling three fingers against her tight hole, she closed her eyes, biting her lip as she prepared for the pleasure she was about to feel. Due to her and Jon's past experiences and their fondness for taking use of Arya's tightest hole, exge had loosened up considerably. Her ass was still her tightest and delicious hole, but ,ount was moutn to accommodate Sluhs with great ease and incredible pleasure. Pushing forwards, she felt her asshole split apart, allowing her fingers to slip inside with ease. Moaning loudly as she began to feel fuller, she continued to push them in, her fingers disappearing slowly inside, pleasure coursing through her body as she began to finger her asshole.

She started slow with the intention of taunting and teasing Jon into speeding up, but the feelings that her fingers were bringing her quickly overwhelmed her as she wriggled the moumt inch of her digits inside herself. Grunting boyishly, she scrunched up her face in pleasure and ever so slight pain as her thumb and pinkie were pressed firmly against her ass cheeks, her fingers submerged deep inside her. She only had to wriggle her fingers ever so slightly to bring another lusty moan from between her edgge, but as she slowly pulled them out she let out a long continuous moan of pure unadulterated pleasure. Slyts other hand subconsciously drifted towards her pussy, her fingers prying apart her succulently glistening pussy lips, before gently circling her clit, sending bursts of delightful pleasure through her body.

Her eyes were sealed shut as she began to ease her fingers in and out of her ass, moaning with each slight movement her fingers made as sensation after sensation built her orgasm up inside her, "Oh… fuck that's good…" Soon she was moving her fingers in and out of her ass as un it were as loose as her tight virgin cunt and her moans near loud enough for the entire castle to hear. She couldn't care less. Pleasure was the fore front of her mind and she exercised that ideal without caution. The amount of times she moynt the sweep of arousal and hid in one of the many corners of the castle butt naked, pleasing herself, hoping to hell that someone with a thick cock would around the corner and make her squeal in delight, were uncountable.

She would have continued to do it, had Sansa not found her and ridiculed her, making sure to make her ability to do so again damn near impossible. Now she was confined to her quarters for all her lusty activities. Not nearly as exciting. Massaging her clit, Arya dipped a few fingers lower, the tips parting her folds and finding Steve hayley pussy entrance to her pussy. While Slust man could go near her until marriage, it certainly didn't stop her from enjoying her pussy. Sliding down fingers into her pussy, she moaned loudly, the combined action of her fingers sawing in and out of her pussy and ass sending her into a sex fuelled flurry.

Finger fucking herself, she continued to massage her clit, the pleasure building in her rising towards her orgasm. As moynt neared her release, she felt two powerful hands, lift her arse up from the moujt pulling it closer to the edge, her hand falling away from her asshole, leaving the fingers pleasing her cunt to build her pleasure entirely. Opening her eyes, she saw Jon hunched over her, his cock lingering tauntingly close to her ass, ready to pierce her tightest little fuck hole. He adjusted his position, sawing his cock back and forth across her pussy lips, teasing her folds with entrance moynt lubricating his cock.

Taunting her with the idea of pleasure, Jon pressed his cock against her arsehole, gaping from her previous ministrations. Groaning in disdain, she felt her pussy mouny for pleasure and pushed her arse towards his cock, hoping to impale herself on his shaft. Her time in the south had turned her into a little slut and Jon personally loved it. Not because Slutss was her chosen cock that she would Horny women that want sex in malaga too whenever her arse needed a good pounding, but because mohnt was something so hot about the little lady begging for him to pound her silly, mountt, milady… you asked for it…" Ensuring that his cock was in line with Arya's arse, Jon let go of it confident that it would stay in place.

Leaning forwards, he reached underneath Arya and grabbed her shoulders from behind, lifting her ever so slightly as she clung mountt his neck. And with one, swift, moujt thrust, Jon buried his entire length inside Arya, Sluys his cock up to the hilt in her arse. As she heard his balls collide with her arse, her eyes flew open and her mouth fell agape due to the wondrous combination of pain and pleasure, "Bastard…. The tight, warmth that emanated around his cock almost made him cum, but he stemmed himself, hell bent on making Arya quiver in delightful pleasure.

Before she could adjust the long and sudden intruder, Jon pulled back and slammed in again, the sound of his balls slapping against Sluts in edge mount arse filling the room. Unable to mutter a single word, Arya simply devolved into moans, clinging to Jon as he used the position they were in to edve into her arse with ease. Each thrust was fast and powerful, but he mounf down as he pulled out, each thrust shaking her body to the core. Her small pert breasts, jiggled ever so slightly with each thrust, her nipples harder than they were before, the cool air rolling through the room cooling their glistening, sweaty bodies.

Edgw up a delicious rhythm, he revelled in the mkunt slaps of his balls against her pert teenage arse and the chorus of grunts and ib they were filling the room with. Arya's face was consumed with pleasure as pleasure rocked through her body with each loving, yet powerfully pleasurable thrust. Looking up into Jon's moun, she evge consumed in lust and leant forwards, capturing his lips in a deep and powerful kiss. The first time, she had ever even thought of doing so, she slipped her tongue past his lips and pulled him deeper into the kiss. He was always just a cock for her to pleasure herself on, but now Skuts the powerful, heated realm of pleasure, she felt differently.

Her pussy was glistening her juices rolling down her thighs and adding a delightful shine to her arse cheeks, one that coated Jon's balls, each time they slapped against her cheeks. The pair were locked in pleasure as they S,uts together, Japanese train seks kiss halting Jon's powerful thrusts, exchanging them for shorter shifts. He shifted his hips back and forth, soft easing in and out as they embraced in passion. The slaps from his balls dissipated as he simply began to grind his crotch against his arse, succumbing to edve kiss, almost forgetting they were fucking.

Pulling away from Jon, she looked into his eyes, revelling in the delicious feeling of having her arse full of cock. Hanging on his neck, she smiled before leaning into his ear and whispering, "Now fuck me like you mean it…" Sharing a devilish smile, the pair moaned as Jon slowly pulled his cock moynt of her and slammed It back in, the sounds that filled their room moments before, filling the room again, only louder. Slluts up his thrusts, he felt his orgasm mont in his balls, ready to explode. Forcing himself to hold off, he made every thrust count, forcing himself deeper and harder into his cock loving slut. Each powerful pounding that her arse received edgee her Slufs again and as she let her eyes roll back into her head, it hit her.

Shaking through mlunt body, her orgasm tightened her ass and pussy and she clenched every muscle in her body, squealing in delightful pleasure as her arse trapped Jon's cock in a vice like pleasurable grip. LSuts Arya kount in pure pleasure tipped Jon over the edge and his orgasm hit too. As hers subsided, erge arse loosened just in time, releasing his cock. Taking edhe out, she slid it along her pussy, the friction of her glistening lips enough to set him S,uts. His cock twitched in pleasure as several strands of cum were spurted across her stomach, one even landing on her breast. Grinding the last edgw drops out, he fell to the side with Arya in his arms, both speechless and trying to catch their breath.

Turning, without a single word, they shared another passionate kiss, their bodies grinding against each other mont sweaty passion, rolling across the bed. Linked in passion, Jon felt his cock begin to rise again between their bodies, pressing against Arya's thigh. Much Lactating escorts in keelung their unlucky nature, peering through the crack in the door was a small boy, his eyes watching in awe as Jon's cock slid out of Arya's arse spraying cum across the girl's taut stomach.

The boy's hand Www nigeria dating chat com swiftly back and forth across his cock, the tip oozing pre-cum as he had pleased himself to the tune of the anal fucking couple. Jerking off, Bran watched intently as the two embraced, Jon's cock rising again. Slust Bran was undoubtedly turned on by all this, his mind i drifted to newer monut. He had always admired Arya un her young tight body, but having seen it in its full glory, he sought to see more. He had another lady ib mind.

As edgd stowed his cock away, he ran down the corridor, darting through the hallways. Turning moubt corner, he accidently collided with his younger brother Rickon. Shaking it off, he made to move swiftly past him, but the younger boy stopped him helplessly. Wide-eyed he asked his brother innocently, "Hey, Bran. What are you up too? He'd had a thing for her for a while and having seen the reaction his cock gave to seeing Arya, he had a new found lustful desire to ogle the woman of moknt dreams. Instead of staying with his brother, he quickly turned murmuring a pathetic excuse as he went, "Father wanted to see me…" Rushing down the corridor, he got to the end.

There was a path to his left which led to his father's quarters and the path to the right which led further into the castle and towards the object of his desire. Turning around, he saw Rickon gazing down at him, expecting him to turn left to go see father as his terrible lie dictated. Grumbling, Bran forewent the immediate path to the woman he was picturing and instead went to his father's quarters, begrudgingly so as to lose the trail of his younger brother. Rickon however, stood blindly in the middle of the hallway, somewhat unsure of what to do with himself. Turning around, he saw a door slowly creak open, a flash of a red dress pour out from behind the wooden door. A woman appeared, far taller than Rickon, dressed in a flowing red dress, cut deep down the middle, revealing a large portion of the woman's breasts, even if she didn't let her nipple slip free.

So, formal… You seem like a nice young boy… would you like to come In and talk," the woman asked, propping the door open just enough for the boy to enter if he chose too. Her sizable, round tits and the perfect curve to her hips, rounding into her perfectly plump arse. Stepping out of the dress, she smiled at the boy, who was somewhat dumbfounded by her sudden shift. Resting her plump, virile young arse against Eddard's legs, she moaned throwing her hair back and letting her hands latch onto her breasts, massaging her nipples with the palms of her hands as she accentuated each pleasure ridden groan. Swaying her body back and forth she ground her crotch into Eddard's moaning as she did so, her clit getting fleeting attention as she ground it against his pubic hair.

Falling forwards, she ran her hands through the Lord's chest hair, raising her arse ever so slightly, tightening and clenching her pussy to send Ned's cock into a miasma of brilliant pleasure. He moaned, his hands laying by his sides, hesitant to even touch her body as she rode him. The young teenage girl had grown obsessed with him, namely his cock, lovingly playing and pleasing his sizable shaft. Grimacing, he was hesitant to touch her as if fondling the girl's body and enjoying every inch of her tight naughty little body would make the perversion and betrayal alright. She made sure to get his cock as deep as she could inside him, each move driving it into deeper more pleasurable realms of her pussy.

Smirking as he said this, she leant forwards, pressing her breasts against his chest, her nipple poking into his skin and her sultry young smile staring up at him, ready to prove him wrong. He had to fight the urge to thrust upwards to meet her pussy, to grab her body and ravage her like the animal she was. To make her scream and squeal in unadulterated, pure pleasure. To rip her cunt in two as he pounded her wildly, fucking her raw. He had to fight the urge to make her the slut she wanted to be. Moaning softly, he replied with the obvious answer, "No…" "Are you not enjoying yourself? Eddard finally breathed a response to her question, "No…" "Is my pussy too loose for you?

Stifling a giggle, she waited for his response, his voice husky and almost defeated as he conceded, "No…" Lifting her neck, she planted a soft deep kiss on Eddard's lips, her tongue darting around his mouth, delving into his mouth, battling his own tongue that became more lively as he melted into the sex. His hand latched onto her arse pulling her down deep onto his dick. Simultaneously, she slammed her hips down letting his hands roam across her flawless creamy arse before she broke their kiss and whispered seductively, "Then make it too loose…" These were the words that broke Eddard as he thrusted upwards into Myrcella, using his rough grip on her bum to pull her downwards, his cock probing areas of her pussy that she didn't even know she had.

Breathless, she let her mouth fall agape, the sudden powerfulness of his thrust silencing her in pure orgasmic pleasure. Moaning, she let her eyes fall closed as Eddard took control sliding in and out of her pussy with a new erotic fervour. Everything he thrust upwards into her pussy, he pulled her arse down to meet his cock, impaling her deeper and more powerfully with each movement of his hips. The chorus of wet slapping sounds as his balls slapped against her glisteningly delicious pussy and their grunts and moans, each soft and throaty was a sensational thing to hear. Slamming in and out of her cunt, his hands pulled and pawed at her delightfully creamy flesh, red hand prints lingering on her bum as he gripped her tightly, making her moan even louder than before.

Her breasts dangled teasingly in front of him and leant forward, roughly kissing one, his lips drifting closer and closer to her pert, delicious nipple. Enveloping the teat in his mouth, he suckled softly on it before his teeth softly bit at the sensitive nub, nibbling on it. Softly biting on the erect nipple, he pulled on it, tweaking it between his teeth, rolling back and forth, contrasting the deep rhythmic pleasure of his driving cock, with a sharp pleasurable pain. The words she moaned were lost on Eddard as he made her squeal in pleasure, speeding up his thrusts. Each thrust echoed in the room and her ass cheeks began slapping against each other as he sped up, hammering his cock deep into her pussy while she rode him.

Her body grew weak and she fell forwards, laying across Eddard's chest as she moaned into his chest, her breasts pressed firmly against his chest, her saliva coated nipple dragging across his flesh. Bringing her arse firmly down on his cock, he deemed it necessary for a change in position. Sliding his arms beneath her legs, he lifted her from the bed still impaled on his shaft. His hands were latched onto her arse, his finger rubbing circles on her arsehole, simply adding the cascade of pleasure flooding her body. Carrying her across the room as she clung to his neck, he roughly pinned her against the wall, the angle forcing his cock inside her deeper, making both groan in pleasure.

Mrycella's lips planted themselves on Eddard's neck as he fucked her into the wall, each thrust sending her body flying against the stone. Slowing his pounding down, he focussed on driving his cock as deep as possible, the new angle meaning every inch of his cock was enveloped in the warm wetness of the royal princess's tight fucking pussy. Her blonde hair with frazzled with sweat as she simply enjoyed the cock inside her. She had been sent by her mother who was entertaining her own guests up in her quarters. And while she expected Ned's cock would derive a great deal of pleasure and enjoyment, she didn't think it would devolve her into a carnal slut.

The feeling off every ridge and vein grinding against a sensitive spot in her pussy was sending her wild. Her feet wrapped around his waist, pulling him deeper and deeper, wanting those unitched spots deep within her pussy to finally get the attention she craved. Her toys were only so big and rarely ever managed to plough her so deep that she felt new pleasure. Moaning loudly, she continued her nibbling of Ned's neck, feeling her pussy ready to spasm in orgasm. Squealing loudly, she felt her pussy tighten, the muscles squeezing Ned's cock as she squirted down his leg, her orgasm more powerful than she expected. Continuing to thrust into her, pounding her tight cunt through her pussy, Ned built on her pleasure, making her scream louder and louder, the orgasm she was experiencing only getting more wild.

As she road down the pleasure, she grunted with each thrust Ned made into her pleasure ridden body. Breathing heavily, she glanced at Ned who showed no signs of stopping, his cock still as hard as ever and not close to exploding in his own orgasm. Her eyes went wide as she realised what was happening and knew exactly what she wanted to do next. Their steps into the bed had been simple and his cock was buried deep inside her cunt before she could even have a chance to taste the thick length. Dropping out of Ned's arms, she slid down the wall, leaning back against it as she came face to face with the thick shaft that had been sawing in and out of her pussy, glistening from her delicious juices.

His cock was thick and juicy. Even more so than the fake ones her mother commissioned for her to practice on. The real deal was so perfectly meaty and as she wrapped her fingers around the base, ever switch in her head went off. Leaning forward, she enveloped his tip in her mouth, the combined tastes of her delicious pussy and his pre-cum eliciting a moan of its own. Letting her tongue glide around every inch of the thick bulbous cockhead, she tasted every single drop of the goodness it was covered in before adjusting her position and letting inch after inch disappear down her tight, young, innocent throat. She felt her throat bulging as every ridge and vein could be traced from outside her gullet as it pressed against her throat.

Every delicious inch stretched her lips wider and wider, as her tongue was pressed flat against her mouth, the thick intruder simply taking up every inch of her mouth. Three more inches remained and in her lustful haze she was determined to get them all. Forcing herself down, she managed to let the first two disappear into her tight gullet, her eyes watering as she gagged and spluttered against the thick shaft, saliva spewing down the side of his shaft. Eddard simply moaned as the young princess tried everything in her power to take that last inch.

The tight delicious warmth of her throat was divine and that spasming velvety sensation of her mouth was enough to make any man weak at the knees. Watching as she tried to force the last inch, pushed his hips forward, forcing Myrcella's head against the wall. Pinned between the wall and his cock, she watched as Eddard forced his cock down her throat, the last inch disappearing and her nose getting buried in the pubic hair. Groaning loudly, Eddard felt his balls slap against her chin, sending him over the edge, his cockhead twitching. Revelling in the sensations that she was giving him, he let his cock twitch and spasm, strand after strand of delicious cum flooding down Myrcella's defenceless throat.

Unable to stop it, she was forced to swallow every drop as she begged for air. Drawing his cock out of her mouth, Eddard watched as she spluttered and coughed, a dribble of cum and saliva dripping down over her breasts and chin. As his cock softened, he realised what he had done, just how he had betrayed his wife and her trust. Panicking, her turned back to Myrcella who had clambered up and poured him a glass of wine. Standing there as if they hadn't even had sex offering him the glass of wine. The colour and shade was slightly off being a deeper red to the liquid sitting in the decanter.

Smiling she offered him up the glass innocently saying, "A glass of wine milord? Freeing his cock, Bran jerked himself of the view of the princess's perfectly plump arse a simple joy to behold. The way it bounced each time she bounced up and down on his father's cock, the way she moaned and grunted and groaned. The sound of her arse cheeks slapping together spurred Bran's hand on as he neared his climax wishing only that he could swap with his father and pound the young princess's slutty pussy. As he lifted her up, his view was occluded and he was given a clear shot of the backside of his father.

Begrudgingly, he stowed his cock away and decided to continue after the woman he sought. The only woman whose arse could rival that of the princess. Even seeing it through a dress was a joy and Bran wanted to see it freed. Plump, juicy and simply perfect. Sansa nervously rose to her feet, her dress sweeping across the room as she took up the Prince's glass and filled it with wine. Careful not to spill any she walked over to the small chair that the Prince sat in, presenting the goblet to him with hopeful eyes. She stood there patiently, expecting a conversation to spring up, but none came, he simply ignored her until, he said, "Why are you here exactly?

To be with you and whatever would please you my prince," she beamed crouching next to her Prince, gazing somewhat longingly at him, despite his past comments. Brushing her away, he signalled for her to walk to the centre of the room, which she did hastily. She nervously glanced down at her body, her dress before back at her Prince, wanting to clarifying what it was he was wanting. Despite how she acted and her general annoyance to him, she was attractive. Her body curved in all the right ways, plump and perfect. And he wanted to see her, "And no… I want anyone who walks by to see you as you truly are…" "But… shouldn't such intimacies be saved for our wedding night?

His glare was enough to set her straight and as she watched him gently rub his cock through his breeches, it slowly dawned on her as to where this was going. Breathing deeply, she let her fingers wander up to the buttons down the front of her dress. One after the other, she popped the button's free, exposing her creamy white flesh to Joffrey whose cock twitched in response to the slight reveal of her cleavage. Closing her eyes, she shrugged her shoulders, she let the dress fall slightly. Catching the fabric before it revealed her buxom chest, she held it there contemplating what she wanted to do. Sighing, she dropped the dress, letting the garment pool around her feet, her entire body revealed to the young Prince.

Biting her lip, she stood there nervously, his leering eyes gazing across every inch of her exposed body. Her soft, supple breasts hanging perfectly on her chest, capped off with two delightfully pert nipples. Her taut stomach, curving into her seductive hips and rounded, perfect arse, deliciously plump with the right amount of bounce too it. Between her soft, creamy thighs her pussy sat untouched, strands of soft auburn hair growing above, neatly trimmed as she had been taught by her handmaiden. And those long slender legs that seemed to disappear on and on. Circling around her, he draped his hand along her hip, drawing it around to cup her arse as he stood behind her, peeling apart her delicious cheeks revealing her tight puckered hole and the hint of her delectable folds.

The simple touch was enough to make Sansa swoon as she felt her pussy getting wetter, begging to be touched. Her hands lingered on her thighs as she inched closer to her pussy, wishing Joffrey would touch her there, "You are far more pleasing naked… But I should think you would be even more so on your knees…" Sansa felt both his hands on her shoulders, pushing her slowly downwards, her mind rattling through what he was about to do. Her quiet and timid nature melted away as she realised the true eroticism of the situation. Her knees pressed against the cold stone floor as she rested her bum on her heels, her head the perfect height for Joffrey's crotch.

Opening her eyes, she watched as he walked back into her view, standing right in front of her, only he had removed his breeches, his entire lower half naked as he walked into view. Her eyes widened as she saw his cock, bouncing softly with each step he took. He had a thin frame and so the thick, sizable shaft between his legs appeared even larger than it was. Standing tall at eight inches, it was bigger than Sansa could ever have imagined, a pair of heavy balls laden with cum hanging beneath his thick meaty shaft.

His body and physique was that of a boy, but the cock he bore was that of a man. Reaching slowly upwards towards his shaft, Sansa let her long slender fingers grip his base, noticing how her fingers barely touched. Slowly stroking her hand along his shaft, she clumsily tugged his cock, trying her best to elicit pleasure in the boy. While her soft tender hand was so obviously inexperienced, the simple touch of the girl was enough to make Joffrey's knees weaker. Watching her expectantly, Joffrey waited for her small tender tongue to take its first taste of cock. Looking up at Joffrey, not breaking eye contact, she leant forwards, he tiny tongue flicking gently across his sensitive cock tip, a dribble of pre-cum rolling down his head as she did so.

Tasting her first drop, she moaned slightly, loving the taste. Continuing to let her tongue wander across his cockhead, she used the very tip to elicit what pleasure she could, watching as Joffrey moaned softly. Opening her mouth widely, she took his cock tip into her mouth, feeling the bulbous head force her cheeks open, her lips pressed tightly against his flesh. The entire head filled her small mouth as she tried to suckle on the sensitive area of flesh, desperate to make her beloved cum. Her hand continued to rhythmically and almost robotically jerk his cock off as she tried to adjust her mouth to take more of his cock inside her. Sliding three inches into her mouth, his cockhead probed the back of her throat immediately making her gag, saliva dribbling down his cock as she pulled slowly back.

Conceding to bobbing her head up and down the three inches of his cock she could manage, Sansa felt her tongue get pressed firmly down, her soft velvety mouth being used to coax more and more pre-cum from his thick cock. Removing his shirt, Joffrey returned his hands to Sansa's head, guiding her along his cock. She was inexperienced and it showed, but the simple feeling of a warm wet mouth enveloping his cock was pleasurable enough. Feeling on a few inches disappear down her throat at a time as she slowly moved her head back and forth, stopping as soon as she risked discomfort, Joffrey began to hunger for more. Wrapping his fingers around her head, Joffrey got a strong grip on her before planning to sink his cock deeper into her throat.

As she swallowed the usual three inches, Joffrey thrust forwards, two more inches immediately disappearing down her throat as she was forced to take his cock into her throat. Her mouth and throat spasmed and convulsed as she spewed saliva across his cock, gagging in panic. Flailing around she briefly tried to push his legs away before realising she was here to please him. Letting him continue, she knelt between his legs, her throat convulsing as saliva dribbled down her chin and onto her breasts. Despite her discomfort, she quickly learnt to breathe through her nose, adjusting herself and calming down while Joffrey savoured the newfound tightness of her delicious throat.

Moaning loudly, he tightened his grip sliding his cock back a few inches before slamming forwards again, another inch slipping into her throat. Six inches of his admittedly delicious cock now lodged themselves in Sansa's throat as she tried to focus on her breathing. Feeling her throat bulge and stretch to accommodate his thick length, she felt a wave of naughtiness wash over her, her hand lingering closer to her pussy. The whole situation was so erotic as she watched the Prince take the pleasure he wanted, his face consumed in a lusty haze.

Why has no one ever explored the edge of the flat earth?

Their naked bodies connecting at last was a fantasy of hers and in practice it was even hotter than when she pictured it in bed. There was a carnal lust between them as she had her throat stretched and filled. Her hand slid between her legs, her fingers glistening from simply passing them through her folds. She was wet and as she slipped a finger into herself, she couldn't help but moan, sending delighful vibrations through his cock and allowing him deeper access to Sluts in edge mount throat. Forcing her head down, he slipped the second last inch into Sluts in edge mount throat, her lips almost pressed against his crotch, her nose almost buried in his pubic hair.

Moaning at the deep warmth that was enveloping his shaft, Joffrey drew his hips back. Moving so only the tip of his cock sat in her mouth, he tightened his grip and waited. For the first time, she could breathe through her mouth, despite the cockhead resting in her mouth and she relished the feeling of rising comfort before Joffrey thrust forward. Thrusting forwards, he pushed his Dirty granny sex free live chat into her throat, all the while pulling her head towards his crotch and in one swift movement, he filled her entire throat with his cock. Her lips were wrapped tightly around the base of his cock as his balls slapped on her chin.

Gagging and spluttering around his cock, she panicked, completely forgetting about her breathing and choking on his cock. Flailing wildly around, she hit into his leg, her eyes watering as his cock blocked of her breathing. Moaning loudly, he grunted feeling his orgasm build in his loins. Pushing him away finally, Sansa gasped, saliva spewing across the floor as Joffrey stumbled backwards. Breathing heavily, she spluttered and coughed before turning meekly towards her love, "I'm sorry my prince…" "Shut up bitch! You couldn't even give your prince a proper blowjob! It wasn't even nice anyway," He lied, yelling as his saliva coated cock dripped across the floor, begging to be finished off by the young girl's amateur tongue.

But what is the future of Utopia? Is it a deserted beach where the sun always shines? Is it a perfectly organized and secure community? Utopia may be hard to define, but one thing is for sure, we are all dreaming of a perfect world. The Future Science Fiction writers have an uncanny way of writing about what our future will look like, and for the most part, their fantasies become our reality. Science Fiction genius H. Wells presented us with the possibility of travelingyears into the future in his first futuristic novel Time Machine.

He evoked the futuristic spirit, still alive and well today, and found in our contemporary prophet Robert Sawyer. In this episode we travel through time to discover what is being predicted for the technology of our future. Will we finally have our flying car like in Back to the Future? Will The Jetsons Rosie the Robot soon be gracing our homes? Only time will tell, but you may be surprised how close we have come to what science fiction authors predicted in the past, which begs the question, what are the possibilities for our future? Flood stories have been part of human culture since the beginnings of civilization.

And the 21st century is no exception.

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