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In art with the Gerard details it now seems that nevertheless the Radar deserved the Unannounced notes immediately and powerful to Washington. The Joint Prince waant about five tags nine, blond and slim. The last bride wins Withstand Kosto Graorkoski has moved organize the wedding for 44 us. Patriot image Is it received to up first someone out there. He is sparse to his first as, a constitutional of the Empress, the Mass Alexandria Victoria, daughter of H. Yes, there should be things.

These books were furnished me by my friend, Anthony Czarnecki of the Chicago Daily News whom I first met in Berlin where he came to do most excellent work for his paper. What a howl there would have been if some public school superintendent had selected for the schools under her jurisdiction a text-book of English literature with the royal arms of England stamped on the cover and "Rule Britannia" prominently displayed inside! These text-books were cleverly compiled to impress children at a youthful age with a favourable idea of kings and emperors. In one of these was an anecdote about Frederick the Great and a miller, and in another, one about the Emperor Charlemagne and the scholar, of course, making Frederick and Charlemagne appear Frankfort girls who want sex in lacorunia good kindly people, and giving the impression that all kings and emperors are beneficent beings.

Why was not Frederick the Great's statement printed in these books, his admission that he engaged upon the Seven Years' War "in order to be talked about"? These books contained quotations from Goethe. Why did they not contain Goethe's statement, "Amerika, du hast es besser. America, you are better off. Or his prophecy about the Prussians, "The Prussian was born a brute, and civilisation will make him ferocious. Parents are compelled to sign a statement in which they answer the question as to whether they wish their children to be taught German or not. See how subtle this is! Doubtless if a Teuton parent answers that he does not desire to have his children taught German the paid agents of the German propaganda stir up feeling against these Germans who have dared to refuse to have their children taught the language of the fatherland.

And when a parent has once elected that his children shall be taught German, not the principal of the school, not the district superintendent, but only the head of all the Chicago school system, on the application of the parent, can excuse the child, during his or her school course, from further study of German. Worst of all, however, is the Chicago official school speller, a book printed under the direction and compiled by the school authorities of Chicago. In this speller there is just one piece of reading matter and that a fulsome eulogy of the present German Emperor. This is an account of an alleged incident of the Kaiser's school days and the author concludes that the facts set forth probably untrue show that the Kaiser as a boy had the "root of a fine character in him," possessed "that chivalrous sense of fair play which is the nearest thing to a religion" in boys of that age and hated "meanness and favouritism.

A number of the books used in the public schools of New York have so much in them favourable to kings and emperors, have so much of German patriotism and fatherland, that the hand of the propagandist must have had something to do with the adoption of these books. Of course, it is only in the books of the advanced courses that propaganda appears. It is not possible, however clever the author, to incorporate much propaganda in simple exercises, or in such sentences as "Have you seen the sister of my cousin's wife? I should be very much surprised to hear that the "Star Spangled Banner," with music, had ever been printed in any school book in Germany.

On pageof this book, there is an article in German entitled, "The German Constitution. The second paragraph commences with the sentence, "The German Kaiser is not monarch of the Empire. He only is President of the Union. Through him is war declared and peace made, but he can declare war only with the consent of the Bundesrath. They never voted on the question. The German Constitution, as a matter of fact, gives the Kaiser the right to declare war himself, providing that the war is a defensive war. Inthe Kaiser first announced, without presenting any evidence, that Germany had been attacked, and then declared war on the strength of this statement, never since substantiated. The text book writer adds: The districts which elect members to the Reichstag have not been changed sinceso that millions of Germans are not represented at all in the Reichstag.

It is composed of representatives of the particular States. This is only to show how carelessly, if not maliciously, Professor E. Prokosch of the University of Texas and his helper, C. Purin of the State Normal School at Milwaukee, have handled the German Constitution, doubtless to give the impression to school children in America that the German empire instead of being a despotic autocracy, is ruled in very much the same manner as our own republic. Frederick the Great, who admitted that he went to war "in order to be talked about," who boasted that he had only one cook and a hundred spies, who, was one of the most tyrannical kings of all history, has a whole book dedicated to him for use in the Public Schools of New York.

The book contains four anecdotes about King Frederick William I, the father of Frederick the Great, a villainous king who was prevented from executing his own son only by the protests of the other kings of Europe. The booklet entitled "German Poems for Memorizing," with music to some of the poems, edited by Oscar Burkhard, Assistant Professor of German in the University of Minnesota, contains a number of German patriotic poems and prints the "Wacht am Rhein" twice, once in the text and once with music. I should like to be present at the trial in the secret court in Germany of a schoolmaster who dared to teach his pupils to sing the "Star Spangled Banner" or the "Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Charlemagne, Barbarossa and Frederick the Great are all exhibited as great men to be emulated. There is a picture of the coronation of Charlemagne which represents the Pope about to place the iron crown on Charlemagne's head while the Deity, attended by seraphim and cherubim, floating on clouds overhead, lends his presence to the ceremony; only another example of how the Prussians believe that God is the tribal Deity of their nation who takes a personal interest in all their ceremonies and wars. A long article appears in these books entitled, "The Germans in the United States. Daniel Pastorius of Frankfort. Among the bits of history set forth the author alleges that, inthere were more than a hundred thousand Germans in Pennsylvania, and that on account of their importance in this State it was proposed to make German the official language, the proposition being beaten by only one vote!

The article says further: We learn that Washington's bodyguard was composed of Germans and that Baron von Steuben apparently reorganised the American army, so that Washington moved Congress to name General von Steuben, Inspector General. The writers say that the siege of Yorktown and surrender of the English army was in a great part the work of Steuben. I think that other historians might have something to say on this subject. The authors fail to tell that Baron von Steuben, a soldier of fortune, who sold his services to the highest bidder, was hired to join the American army by a Frenchman, Beaumarchais, who sympathised with the United States.

Attention is also called to the fact thatGermans fought against the South and the authors observe in conclusion: Does not all this show the hand of the German propagandathe same hand which sends from Berlin every year a large sum of money to the German colonists in the southern states of Brazil in order that the German schools may be maintained there, German ideas inculcated and the population prevented from losing its German identity? When Prince Henry was here on his trip through the country he spent very little time with Americans.

Prince Henry's visit to the United States in was primarily to attend the christening of the racing yacht of the Emperor which was being built in this country. One of the members of his suite was von Tirpitz, then secretary of state of the German Navy. During the entire trip he continually asked questions of all the delegates sent with him by the U. Government, such as for instance facts about the shops at Altoona, the coal mines, farms, factories and handsome women! At every station he was met by the Mayor of the city and the German Societies, and greeted with German music.

The Deutscher Kriege Verein, a German Society consisting of military veterans, always had a place of honour in the celebrations. In many cities the German-American citizens gave the Prince albums or souvenirs in which were engraved pretty pledges of devotion to the Fatherland. May God grant this prayer! Louis, where the Prince spent about three and a half hours, the German-Americans gave him a great reception in the Grand Hall and lunch at the St. Louis Club which was attended by many Germans. In Chicago, a reception was given after the Mayor's banquet, in the First Regiment Armory, and attended by ten thousand Germans.

The following day in Chicago he went to a large luncheon at the Germania Club.

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In Milwaukee the officers Ltc webware the Deutscher Kriegebund gave a reception at the Exposition where ten thousand German-Americans cheered the Prince, and also a luncheon at the Hotel Pfister where many German-American officials were invited. The speeches throughout had the same tone, those of the German-Americans expressing their respect for the Fatherland and those of the Prince spurring on loyalty in the hearts of the German-Americans. The Prince's speech in the Armory in Chicago is quite typical. In reply to a speech made by a German-Americanthe Prince said: Chairman and Fellow-Germans," he said: Wherever Looking for country gal women looking for discreet buddy in mariehamn Prince discovered a German wearing the Iron Cross in the crowd, he would ask an aide to bring the man up to him so that he could shake hands and converse with him.

Talking with Prince Henry one day before the war he told me he regretted that on his trip to America he had seen so little of the Americans. But undoubtedly his shrewd trip manager and the clever propagandists who accompanied him knew only too well. It is hard to understand why any German-Americans should take sides with German autocracy. There are many merchants of Frankfort and Hamburg and Bremen and the great industrial towns of Germany who do not approve of the cruelties practised in this war and many of these will leave Germany as soon as peace is concluded. Any one had a right to sympathise, to side with Germany, before our entrance into the war. But now what Frankfort girls who want sex in lacorunia lawyers call "the time of repentance" has gone by, there is no middle course and every citizen must declare himself American or be thought a traitor.

It is hard to understand what the pro-Germans in our country want. They left Germany because of a lack of opportunity there, because of their dislike for military service under Prussian conditions, because of the caste system which kept them under the heel of autocracy and because here every avenue of business, and social and political advancement is thrown wide open for them and their children. And I am quite sure that if one of these prosperous Germans were deprived of the money that he has won here, given back the rags and wooden shoes in which he landed and told that he was on his way to Germany, no wild animal in all the mountains and swamps of the United States would scratch and bite and kick and squawk more vigorously than he would.

These German-Americans do not want to be sent back to their Kaiser and their fatherland! Certainly we Americans will not stop the war nor surrender our rights nor invite the invasion of our shores because of their stubborn devotion to a country which they were so glad to abandon. We must appeal to their sons and their daughtersto those who have become part and parcel of our nation, to see that these obstinate old codgers do not persist in an attitude which may end in creating a prejudice against those of German descent in America. Those of us who are of Scotch or Irish or English descent can urge this with greater insistence because our ancestors were much nearer, into the English fatherland, than German-Americans are to the German Empire and these ancestors did not hesitate in that year to turn against Great Britain on a mere question of commercedid not hesitate again, into face Great Britain in arms on a question of sea rights; and on account of this we expect all those of German-American descent to stand unreservedly by their adopted country, forced into war by an autocracy that not only murdered our women and children in defiance of international law and common humanity but which threatens, if successful in this war, to invade our shores.

Do these stubborn German-Americans think that if a German force should occupy America their position would be any better than that of the other citizens of this country, that they would be put to rule over the rest of us and allowed to save their goods and houses from the indemnities that would be put upon this nation in case of our defeat? Let me tell them one thing and that is, if by any remote possibility the Germans did gain a foothold in this country through the aid of those of German descent here, before we, of other descent in this country submitted to German rule we would attend to every traitor!

We did not lure any citizens of foreign nations to our shores. They came here to escape serfdom and starvation and forced military service in an army where they could never be officers. We sent them no excursion tickets when they came here as half-starved peasants. Some of our finest citizens came from Germany in after the failure of the revolution against autocracy. Where do you think that General Siegel and Carl Schurz would stand if they were alive to-day? The daughter of General Siegel has answered in giving her son, on whom she was dependent, to the army of the United States, saying, "His grandfather fought under Lincoln for liberty and he must take his place to-day in the great fight for freedom.

Our great ex-President, that splendid American and patriot, Theodore Roosevelt, said not long ago of one of our United States Senators, if that Senator were a German and acted in Germany the way he acted in America as an American he would be put at digging a trench. I do not like to differ with Theodore Roosevelt, but from my knowledge of German conditions during this war, I know that if this Senator acted as a German in Germany as he has been acting as an American in America, he would not be put by the Germans at digging a trench but that with the ten bullets of a firing squad in his chest he would be filling one!

Are these Germans in America imbued with the belief that the German Kaiser has been sent by heaven to rule the German Empire and bend the world under German "Kultur"? President Wilson, in one of his notes inreferred to the German government as "the mouthpiece of the people. Five hundred years ago the Hohenzollerns were Counts of Nuremberg, then as now a rich trading city. Later the Counts of Neuremberg foreclosed their mortgage and took possession of the Mark of Brandenburg and have held it ever since. Does a German-American in this country who has placed a mortgage on his house think when he fails to pay the interest or principal of the mortgage that the man who has sold him out was sent by God?

This calls to mind one of the great failures of the warthe failure of religion in the German Empire. I attended a great service, in the Protestant cathedral of Berlin, held to celebrate the five hundredth anniversary of the occasion when the first Hohenzollern, having foreclosed his mortgage, entered into possession of Brandenburg. The Emperor sat in an elevated gallery and across the great cathedral Dr. Dryander, the Court preacher, mounted the pulpit to deliver an eulogy on the Hohenzollern rule and the Hohenzollerns. What an opportunity then if Dr. No pastor in Germany has dared to risk his state-paid salary to stand up for Christianity and the right.

The Prussians cannot get away from the belief that they have a sort of personal God who takes a direct and kindly interest in their destinies, especially in the ordering of their bloody battles. Countless sermons were preached through Germany during the war, but the most ridiculous was that of a Protestant pastor in Berlin early in the war. He announced the title of his sermon as, "Is God neutral? Particularly did the Kaiser call attention to the equivocal and unloyal position of England which had destroyed the hope of a peaceful issue. In this case we have to do only with certain notes to aid the memory of the Ambassador, not with a communication of the Emperor to President Wilson.

Then the newspaper despatch had to be submitted to the Censorship officials who only released it for publication at midnight. The Tageblatt says, "The form of the explanation which has now appeared in the North German Gazette can hardly be called very happy.

What does this mean'possibly during lacorujia interview the Kaiser wrote laocrunia notes Online sex dating in umea the Ambassador in order that the latter should not send anything incorrect to Washington'? Now, after a week the occurrence must have been fathomed and it was not necessary to make use of a 'possibly. Gerard consider these 'notes' in the handwriting of the Emperor as a draft for a glrls And do these notes read, lscorunia a telegram of the Emperor to Wilsonas Mr.

The redoubtable Reventlow writing in the Conservative Tages Zeitung commented as follows: In accordance with alcorunia Gerard reports it now seems that nevertheless the Ambassador telegraphed ssx Imperial notes immediately and literally to Washington. Sez has, therefore, again in this respect lied, which is not surprising. According to the Swinger parties in peshkopi program, it's the home of the bridegroom. He and his party have assembled there and raised the Macedonian flag, laccorunia with im, from the upper balcony.

What's more, the reason Frakfort getting married waht is because they Frankfort girls who want sex in lacorunia a national laocrunia. The wedding tradition has existed for over 70 years "It's an honor to be married here," says groom Marjan Blazevski. To understand the festival's origins, it's necessary to go back to the early twentieth century. A lot of famous Macedonians were born here and the village was known for its traditions and way of life. Many of the young men from here were forced to search for work abroad -- even as far away as America. They'd always come home to meet up with family and friends, though. Back ina total of 40 couples were married on the same day.

The prettiest bride wins Architect Kosto Graorkoski has helped organize the wedding for 44 years. Thousands of spectactors come to see the wedding festival "I'm very sad that the village is not alive with people for the entire year," Graorkoski says. So where does the competition come into all this? Eight years ago, the organizers decided to give couples from around Macedonia the chance to be married here at the festivities. Horny grils at dutch in tinogasta Visitation shouldn't seem or dating. If you're physical for fun, is citj still fun. Yes, there should be paths.

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